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Phra Ngang amulet by Kruba Kampeng, author's personal collection

Phra Ngang amulet by Kruba Kampeng, author’s personal collection

Welcome to PhraNgang.com, the world’s first and only online shrine to Phra Ngang Taa Daen (“Honorable Ngang Red Eyes”), one of the most popular spirits in Southeast Asia.

A strange, impish figure with fin-like ears, bulging red eyes, and a striking protuberance variously described as either a single curved horn or a rakishly tilted hat, Phra Ngang is called upon by devotees in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia for his enormous powers of protection (from accidents, violence and black magic) and attraction (of wealth, romance and gambling luck).

Enjoying a reputation as a sort of “horny little devil” who loves whiskey, cigarettes and women’s underwear, Phra Ngang is often depicted in an aroused state and is believed by some to embody the Buddha’s lust for illumination.